5 Easy Crutches Workouts To Stay Fit 

Crutches workouts are essential if you plan on staying fit while not being able to walk properly on your legs. If you love health and fitness then having a major mobility injury can be a major setback. Using crutches shouldn’t be able to stop you from reaching your goals of perfect health and yes it is very possible to achieve those goals!

There are some exercises that you can do while being on crutches that can help to satisfy your need for some movement. Before starting any workout, it is also important to know the basics of using crutches while standing, sitting, and walking. Here are some easy yet adequate crutches workouts to help you stay in shape!

1.Exercising your Arms 

Since exercises related to arms put pressure on your injured legs they can be some of the best workouts for you. It can help you to maintain upper body strength and do cardio at the same time the upper body exercises can include arm raises, circles, shoulder shrugs, and presses. 

The healing time required for your leg can become the time where you can focus on the body parts that you normally don’t train. With the recommendation of your doctor and therapist, you can try new exercises to build your upper arm strength.

2.Walking at Slow Pace

Walking while being on crutches is recommended to help heal your mobility injuries. MedlinePlus guides you through the exact process of using the crutches for walking by going slowly, getting used to the movements, and using the stronger leg rather than the weaker one. Your therapist will recommend adding weight slowly to your weak leg.

  • For no weight-bearing, while walking you must keep your weak leg off the ground. 
  • For a little weight-bearing only touch the ground with toes. 
  • For partial weight-bearing, your therapist will suggest you the amount of weight you can put on your leg
  • For full weight-bearing, you can put more than half of your body weight on your weak leg. Note that it shouldn’t be painful.

3.Abdominal Exercises and Cardio

Core stability is very important when you are on crutches. If your posture is not correct, you can have back pain and your healing process might slow down. To improve your posture, Mayo clinic requires abdominal crutches workouts to improve ab strength such as sit-ups and side exercises. If you combine core exercises with arm exercises, it will help you to maintain your overall fitness. 

Cardio exercises can help you a great deal. Choosing the type of cardio exercise requires creativity but it’s possible. This can include arm circles, kickboxing, and trying to walk without crutches.


As long as your doctor allows you, you can also exercise through swimming. It is recommended that your injured leg is covered with an airtight cast or you can buy a waterproof case for your injured leg. It is best if you start slowly going into the pool. 

  • Facing the pool with your back towards the wall, try sitting at the edge of the pool. 
  • By using a water pool noodle rail, you can try walking without putting much pressure on your injured leg. 
  • Remember to sit in the matted area to avoid slipping. 

5.Chair Exercises 

It is possible to exercise or work out when you are seated. There are some great YouTube videos to help you do some proper crutches workouts without straining your weaker leg. These include upper body and arm exercises. This way, you can preserve your health without slowing down your recovery.

For safety reasons to prevent fall MedlinePlus recommends the following tips:

  • Floors should be kept clean and dry 
  • There should be no loose rugs  
  • Shoes with heels or leather soles are not recommended


Enough practice on crutches takes a certain level of preparation and commitment, but your wellbeing should be upheld. No matter how fit you are, crutch workouts will help you stay in the perfect shape.

If you have any queries or confusion, contact me! I will be there to solve any of your issues in minimal time.

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