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8 Best Fitness Podcasts

Back when blogging, live video chatting and streaming were not present, people resorted to gyms and fitness TV shows to watch people talking about sports and body transformations. Today, with the swift advancement of the internet, podcasts have become the most watched or listened to especially for people who like to stay in shape or lose weight.

The best fitness podcasts are often led by professionals, doctors and experts in nutrition and health related matters. They have become one of the things we look forward to watch or listen to in the morning. They provide us with huge knowledge about our bodies, what we should feed it, and how we can work it out to make it stronger. In this article, I will list the best fitness podcasts you can watch and listen to on various platforms.

Diets Starts Tomorrow

This podcast is led by the female-media celebrities and founders of Betches, Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman. We have decided to include this one in our best fitness podcasts list because it encompasses everything in the world of self-confidence and diets, which are the basis of a good body. They guide people through working out properly, eat healthy without starving oneself or suffer from exertion.

Ben Coomber Radio

Ben Coomber hosts experts in the fitness industry. They discuss all topics including nutrition, body composition, health, mental strength and performance. This podcast is more oriented for people with energetic bodies because they motivate you to exercise and go through hard work out in order to achieve the desired results. Ben Coomber’s faintness podcast will make you happier and healthier.

Mind Pump Podcast

Preparing yourself for a body transformation requires a strong mindset first. Mind Pump is one of the best fitness podcasts that provides the listener with facts and knowledge to make them more prepared for what is coming.

What’s amazing about Mind Pump is that do full scientific research and debunk health myths you have always believed to be the truth. This is done by a team of fitness experts who work day and night to help you become stronger both mentally and physically.

No Meat Athlete Radio

Are you a vegan or and you struggle to find a diet? No Meat Athlete Radio is the place to go for you. Whether you want to know how to fuel your runs or what other vegetarian athletes eat on a regular day, this podcast will teach you.

If you happen to rely on meats in your diet, this podcast will certainly change your opinion. Although they broadcast once a week, they remain one of the best fitness podcasts.

20 Minutes Fitness Podcast

We all want to exercise but we do not have enough time. For this reason, 20 Minutes Fitness Podcast offer a quick solution for busy people. Powered by Shape Scale, the hosts provide very important tips on all topics related to fitness (injury prevention, hydration, burnout…etc.)

Every now and then, fitness professionals and experts like Brian Keane are co-hosting these podcast and give you great methods on how sat healthy and motivated.


Podrunner has been running for long years. It is of the best fitness podcasts for power walkers, runners, cyclists and joggers. They provide structured exercises for everyone willing to up their games. The podcasts usually last between 30 to 70 minutes.

If you would like to stay motivated and run long miles, make sure you add Podrunner to your best fitness podcasts list.

Run Selfie Repeat

Speaking of running, Run Selfie Repeat is also one of the best fitness podcasts in this industry. It is hosted by non-other than world-renowned runner Kelly Roberts. The host tries to promote running as one the best ways to keep yourself healthy. If done in the proper way, running would bring benefits to your body even the hardest diets did not couldn’t.

Beyond the Barbell

For the cross fitters out there, Beyond the Barbell is must follow podcast. It is hosted by Blair Morrison and Ben Alderman, two experts in the industry of Cross Fit.

They provide the listeners with the latest trends in cross fit, nutrition, gear and so much more. Beyond the Barbell is certainly of the best fitness podcasts on the web.

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