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I’m Malcolm Winters and I made the best decision of my life at 22. Since then, I’ve successfully coached and trained hundreds of people to help them get to a happy place with their weight and achieve their fitness goals. I believe you’re ready to take this life-transforming decision too and I’ll guide you step-by-step and day-by-day through it. But first, let me share my journey with you; it’s a brief one, I promise.

My  Journey

I already gave you my word that I won’t start this story from my birth, so I’ll pick it up from where it matters. As a pretty impressive Muay Thai and Boxer back in high school, I found myself doing many physical fitness activities. I had to because kicking ass and winning in these sports require a lot of effort and hard work, plus it felt really good.

However, after graduation, I stopped boxing, and I didn’t need to exercise and practice anymore. Before my eyes, I felt my strength slip away, I was cranky most of the time, and in months, my shape was no longer mine. I couldn’t call myself fit, and if I dared to get into a fight that period, any opponent would beat me like a punching bag. 

The Decision

I never really recognized how important exercising was to my Health and Fitness until I left boxing. I missed the harmony I used to feel and the control I used to have over my body, and I missed the strength in my veins and muscles. Hence the decision to join a gym and start working on myself to regain my fitness. I began cardiovascular exercises and jogging and weight lifting, day in, day out, and realizing the importance of a healthy and disciplined relationship with food, I followed suit with healthy eating. After a couple of years, I didn’t notice when I had fully immersed myself in it and it became a part of me. To build on my knowledge and experience, I began to take courses on fitness and nutrition. Now I am a certified personal fitness trainer, fitness mentor, and nutritionist to help others like you achieve their weight loss and bodybuilding goals.

The Journey I Would Love To Go on With You

I know how painful being uncomfortable in my skin was. It felt like I was a complete shadow of myself. When it became too much to handle, I had to get up and get working. Years down the line, with consistency and determination, I now look and feel like the best version of myself, and I’ve helped over 200 others get here too.

I don’t know your story, but I want to hear every bit of it and go down this road with you. I started this platform to help you lose weight, get fit and live a sound and healthy life permanently.

My team and I have put together services tailored to meet every goal. From custom workout out plans to custom weight loss and nutrition coaching plans. We also have group training sessions to keep you motivated and connected with others who share your pains and joys. Preparing for a bodybuilding show has never been healthier with our contest prep program, and it remains a favorite. We offer all these services online, mobile (at your chosen location), or on-site. I can’t wait to work with you.


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