Best Health and Fitness Podcasts

8 Best Health and Fitness Podcasts

Reading about health and fitness is certainly entertaining, however, not many of us have time to sit down and read a book. If you happen to be one of these people, podcasts are the best option for you. You can listen to some of the best health and fitness podcasts while working, driving, jogging and so on.

Podcasts became wildly popular in the last few years. In the fitness and health industry, professionals and experts are now hosting their own shows through which they recommend fitness programs, nutrition, and help people stay motivated. In this article, I will list 8 of the best health and fitness podcasts you can enjoy on the go.

Ali on the Run.

ALi on the run Best Health and Fitness Podcasts

If you are into running and you are looking for a source of motivation to run a marathon, listening to Ali on the Run is definitely one of the best ways to do that. The host is none other than Ali Feller, a marathon runner who achieved astonishing results. On this podcasts, she sits down with professionals and expert runners and discuss all matter related to this sports.

The Rich Roll Podcast

If you lack motivation, this podcast is specifically made for you. Rich Roll is a world-renowned marathoner who set himself on a quest to help people become fit and healthy. In the podcast, he leads serious conversation with experts and professionals from around the word. These conversations convey great amounts of information to the listener and help them feel motivated to exercise.  

Nutrition Matters

Nutrition matters: Best Health and Fitness Podcasts

Exercising without the proper nutrition is a waste of time and energy. If you know what goes into your stomach, the path you have started to become fit will be hard and long. Nutrition Matters is a podcast that emphasises on the relation of the human body with food. The host, Paige Smathers, aims to eliminate all healthy disorders and make the listener well informed in this field. Since this is very important, I have decided to list Nutrition Matters in this Best Health and Fitness Podcasts list

The Dumbbells

Listening to all serious best health and fitness podcasts can get boring. The Dumbbells is here to do things differently. If you like comedy and fitness, this podcast will make you laugh and workout hard and thus hearing you both physically and mentally.

Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger are comedians with deep background in health and fitness. If this is you cup of tea, this will be one of the best health and fitness podcasts you can listen to.

All About Fitness

All about fitness: Found my fitness: Nutrition matters: Best Health and Fitness Podcasts

As its name indicate, All About Fitness tackles all matters related to fitness and science by world class researches and experts in the industry. Through this podcast, you will be taken through a journey of how the fitness world is changing at a fast past. You will also stay updated with the recent trends and strategies on how to become healthier and stronger.

The Fat-Burning Man Show

Are you trying to lose weight but diet is not working out for you? There are two things you can do, use my help and listen to one of the Best Health and Fitness Podcasts: The Fat-Burning Man Show. As we have stated in our previous article about diet, both Abel James and I have been trying to help people lose fat without giving up the most delicious foods. By listening to this podcast, you can learn how to eat healthy, practice better and be motivated to work out.

No Meat Athlete.

Speaking of diet, the intake of protein is very important for muscle gain, however, the highest rates of proteins can be found in meats. With this said, not many people like such foods. For the vegans out there, No Meat Athlete is here to obliterate the idea of including meats in diets. Matt Frazier discusses this notion with several health experts and fitness professionals.

Found My Fitness

Found my fitness: Nutrition matters: Best Health and Fitness Podcasts

Aside from diet and exercise, one should also be aware of the scientific facts related to the human body and food. Found My Fitness is hosted by PhD in biomedical science, Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick. She is a strong defender who challenges the status quo and promote humans’ well-being though scientific facts. She discuss such topics with health professionals and experts who answer questions like “Can Keito Diet defeat certain diseases and make our lives longer?” Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me!

There are hundreds if not thousands of podcasts out there, however, I have decided to list only 8 of the Best Health and Fitness Podcasts that I have been listening to through my whole years if this industry. I use all the information I have learned to help my clients achieve the results they have always been dreaming about. Contact me now if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer.

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