8 amazing Booty Band Workouts

8 Amazing Booty Band Workouts

The resistance band is certainly the best cost-effective training tool and the most versatile.  

Here, we are in the presence of a must have tool for anyone trying to do booty band workouts. There are more than 100 ways to use them and good news for girls (and guys too), they are particularly effective for building the perfect buttocks.

Training sessions with elastic bands are great to target the glutes of the buttocks: namely the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius. This is a great option if you want to do a butt-focused workout, but it’s also great for getting your glutes more involved as part of a complete workout.

The glute isolation exercises, like the ones we will see below, will take care of preparing your muscles and warm them up so that they can be ready as much as possible for more exercises that follow, such as squats.

In this article, I will list some of the booty band workouts that will help achieve the result you have always been dreaming of.

Booty Band Workouts: Crab Walk

The first thing you need to do here is to place your elastic bands above your knees and / or around your ankles.

Get into 1/4 squat positions (knees slightly bent), with your feet hip-width apart.

Your hands are resting on your chest, on your hips, or they can be folded together in front of you.

Drive your right foot outward so that your feet are shoulder-width apart, then bring your left foot back to the hip-width position. 

Take 3 chasing steps to the right, then 3 to the left, this constitutes 1 repetition, it should be repeated at least 20 times.

While doing this exercise, try to keep your body weight in the center, your abs should be well sheathed, you should also exert constant pressure on the weight band.

Booty Band Workouts: Standing Kicks

Position the band around your ankles or above your knees with your hands on the chest, on the hips, or clinging to a support.

Place all of your weight on the left leg and exert tension in the band by positioning your right leg back.

Contract your abs and send your right leg back, as far as possible while keeping it perfectly straight (very important, because we want to target the buttocks only)

Bring your right foot back to the initial position (it should not touch the ground), maintaining the tension in the elastic, this makes it one repetition and you should do it at least 20 reps with each leg

You can also perform this movement on the floor, in which case your body weight is resting on both hands (or on your forearms) as well as on one of the two knees. The band is then placed below the knee to the floor and above the knee of the working leg.

Booty Band Workouts: Side Elevations / Hip Extensions

To do this, you will need to position the resistance band above the knees. When it’s in the right place, stand with your feet hip-width apart, your hands resting on your hips or on a support so as not to lose your balance

Lift your right leg outward, keeping it straight throughout the movement, then bring it back to complete the repetition. Do 20 repetitions then switch legs.

It is important to keep the abdominal strap well placed during the exercise and make sure your back is straight. If you are able to complete all 20 reps without difficulty, increase the resistance of your elastic band. Reps should be around 15.

Booty Band Workouts: Clams

Place the resistance band above your knees, lie on your side with your hands on the floor, and raise your feet to hip height if you can, your knees in contact with the floor

Bring the top knee up (as if both of your knees are pushing each other back) while keeping your feet together, then bring the knee back, that makes a repetition. Do 20 reps then switch sides.

If it is too difficult to make the movement with the feet in the air, leave them on the ground. This is a great warm up exercise to do before any squat or lunges movement! Bend your knees well, push one leg on the ground and straighten the other using the strength of your glutes (it is mainly the gluteus medius that will be active on this movement).

Booty Band Workouts: Donkey Kicks

You can place your band however you like: as opposite or by placing one end around the ankle and the other in the middle of the arch of the leg that will be working out

  • Start on all fours, then “swing” your left leg back, knee bent
  • Hold for a few seconds at the end of the movement
  • Bring the leg back to complete your repetition

Repeat for 20 reps, and then switch legs.

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