Booty Workouts At Home

5 Best Booty Workouts At Home

Let’s face it: having a nice butt is of great importance to many women (as well as many men).

Moreover, having a nice, plump butt is not just a question of aesthetics. Indeed, having muscular buttocks also promotes mobility.

If you want to firm your butt quickly, you need to focus on the exercises for the buttocks.

So, this article I will list several booty workouts at home alongside with everything you need to do to build your glutes and show off a nice, round butt just by simply working out from home.


To start your booty workouts at home, it is not uncommon to opt for the classic squats. It is simply a matter of performing flexion-extensions with the feet shoulder-width apart.

This exercise has the advantage of being known to all, which can be carried out from the great beginner to the high-level athlete. However, for a large majority of the population, squats are not the ideal choice when you want to strengthen your buttocks. You can still do normal squats to strengthen you thighs.

To remedy this, I recommend the Bulgarian squat to my clients. This variant consists of placing your rear leg on a high support such as a bench or a chair. Then, the more you advance your front leg, the more the posterior muscle chain will be used. The Bulgarian squat is therefore more effective for strengthening the buttocks due to the spacing of the supports.

Can be performed with or without dumbbells, the Bulgarian squat is practiced both indoors and at home. The only difficulty lies in managing its balance. If this is your case, bring a broomstick in front of you to stabilize yourself during the first sessions.


Lunges are widely practiced to strengthen the glutes. This is a good thing since it is an effective exercise. Here again, it is the fact of having one leg in front, another behind that allows you to effectively build your buttocks.

Be aware that there are dozens of variations. I encourage you to test them all to find the ones that you feel puts pressure on your booty.

Among them, we can mention:

  • Side lunges
  • Split lunges
  • Back lunges
  • Jumping lunges
  • Cross lunges
  • Walking lunges

During these booty workouts at home, you can use a bar, dumbbells, kettlebells or simply the weight of the body. Personally, I set my sights on walking lunges, which give me good sensations during the session and excellent aches on the buttocks a few days later.

Floor Hip Thrust

Without a doubt, this is one of the best booty workouts at home. It’s easy to perform even for a beginner.

To do this, lie down on the floor with your arms at your sides. Bring one of your two legs towards your buttocks, flat foot. Extend the other leg and keep it contracted. Support yourself on your heel and contract your buttock.

To increase the difficulty, add a backpack filled with water bottles above your stomach. You can add extra load without the need for sports equipment.


Clams is one of the most popular buttocks workouts and is practiced by everyone either at home or at the gym. You do not need any equipment to do clams.

Lie on the ground, the upper arm in front of you, and the lower one under your head so it serves as a cushion. Bend your legs forward and bring your feet together. You just need to rotate your upper leg backwards, while contracting the upper buttock well.

Donkey Kick

Position yourself on all fours, arms outstretched. Kick one of your legs back, contract the buttock and then slowly bring it back, keeping the contraction as long as possible. Repeat before your knee hits the floor. As with all exercises, focus on the contraction of your glutes.

If you want to increase the difficulty of this exercise, it will be tricky without equipment: you can then invest in small weights that you can attach to the ankles, or in elastics (resistance bands).

I recommend that you opt for rubber bands instead, as you will be able to use them for many booty workouts at home. In fact, you can work the whole body with elastics, while with ankle weights you will be limited to a few movements like this one.

Would like you know more about home Booty Workouts At Home? Contact me now and I will provide all the assistance you need.

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