Daniel Craig Workout Routine Disclosed

Craig’s latest blockbuster came in 2019 where he played the famous character, James Bond. Those of you who have watched the movie would be aware of the actor’s fitness and muscular body. Known for his strong masculine performances, Daniel Craig has gained much popularity all across the world. 

Craig is famous for muscular body and fitness from the Casino Royale days. As it was Craig’s fifth or you may say final outing  as Bond therefore he was much  conscious about portraying strength. Those of you who want to have Bond’s strength should adopt the following workout and diet plan. 

Major Exercises of Daniel Craig Workout Routine 

The actor’s workout routine was carefully planned to focus on adequate shape and strength of each body part.


Power circuit training which includes:

  • 100 skips.
  • 12 push-ups.
  • 25 step-ups each side.
  • 30 medicine ball twists (1)
  • 10 single-arm shoulder presses each side (2)
  • 15 leg lowers/reverse crunches (3)
  • 30 walking lunges.
  • 10 barbell bent rows (4)
  • 400m sprint


Daniel Craig workout Tuesdays are tagged with chest and back workout. Major exercises are:

  • Incline Barbell Bench press
  • Pull ups
  • Incline press-up
  • Dumbell incline Fly


Legs workout

  • Barbell squat
  • Stiff legged barbell deadlift
  • Hamstring curl
  • Dumbbell lunge
  • Clean and press
  • Hanging twisting knee raise
  • Step up with barbell


Specified with shoulders and arms exercise.

  • Seated dumbbell shoulder press
  • Incline bicep curl
  • Dips
  • Lateral raises


It’s the day for full body power circuit again.


For the weekends you can take a loose approach. It is to keep off weight so that muscles can properly recuperate. You can opt for hiking or cycling or jogging on weekends.

Transformation into Bond

You should start the week with a full-body power circuit as mentioned above; 3 circuits of 10 reps. The rest of the week should be continued with 4 sets of 10 reps. A 5 minutes sprint at the end of every session is necessary. Take the weekend off but keep doing easy cardio as a mid-paced run or swim.

Diet plan

The focus should be on decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass and strength. For fifty-one-year-old Daniel Craig, it meant cutting down on carbohydrates and unhealthy fats and loading up on both natural and supplemental proteins


  • Eggs and toast; White bread should be picked up instead of whole grain

Snack Time 1

  • Protein shake
  • Nuts and fruits; when not feeling for shake


  • Meat; lean cut of steak or quality chicken
  • Fish; when not in the mood for meat
  • Brown rice; lowers cholesterol, prevent blood clotting and aid in digestion
  • Baked potato; alternative of rice

Snack Time 2

  • Protein shake; time for another protein supplement
  • Yogurt with nuts


  • Meat; you can consider it the best part about turning mass into muscle
  • Fish 
  • Leafy vegetables; low in calories like spinach or broccoli


For putting yourself in a genuine physique and strength, Daniel Craig’s workout will help you multi-folds. Consistency and persistence is all that you need. If you have any personal questions, feel free to reach out to me

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