Food Cravings – 4 Easy Ways To Fight Back

Food Cravings

Food cravings can overwhelm your willpower and prove devastation to your weight loss plans. Here are four easy ways to fight back, so you don’t pack on any extra pounds.

There’s a reason you’re never supposed to hit the grocery store on an empty stomach. Once you reach the counter and start unloading all the chocolate, chips, frozen pizza, and ice cream, it’s obvious why. Suppose you find yourself having food cravings for unhealthy foods. Often, you’re not alone. Studies show they’re 95 percent of most foods that cause food cravings. 

But what about the food in my fridge. I have the easy tricks to fight back those food cravings. Read on to find out what they are.

4 Easy Ways To Fight Back Food Cravings 

If weight loss is your goal, you probably know all too well how impairing, and frustrating food cravings can be. They’re likely part of the reason you’ve reached a point in your life where shedding some of the additional pounds you’ve put on has become the primary goal. But there are easy ways to fight back. Here are the main four facts.

Take something hot and healthy.

We’re talking about a cup of chicken soup or a mug of green tea. Consuming both kinds of food will increase your feelings of comfort and fullness, and even smelling a hint of green tea will sometimes fight back even the most challenging food cravings. 

Don’t fully restrict yourself from your favorite foods.

There is a cause overly restrictive diets usually fail. By forbidding yourself from eating your favorite foods, you’re likely to consume 40 percent more calories than if you were to allow yourself the special treat when you do eventually slip up and indulge. Eat those slices of pizza or chips once a week guilt-free, so long as you do so in moderation. That means instead of grabbing four pieces, grab two, and instead of eating the entire bag, put some in a bowl to enjoy.

Make your favorite foods more difficult to get

By placing obstacles separating you and your favorite food cravings, you’ll be less inclined to put the energy in to go and grab them. By making these unhealthy choices less convenient to reach, you’ll lower your risks of falling victim to their compelling ways. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. If barriers are not enough to stop you from succumbing to your food cravings, then buy smaller portions or bite-sized versions of your favorite snacks. You’ll be following the second piece of guidance on this list without the likelihood of completely giving in to your food cravings and devouring an entire chocolate bar or frozen pizza in the process.

Refocus your mind on something else

If the above tactics prove unfruitful, you can constantly refocus your mind and deceive yourself into not wanting the food cravings. The way you can do this is through either neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) of tapping. NPL works in the sense that when you are craving something, you refocus your mind to think of something unrelated to food, such as the smell of rain or the image of waves crashing against a beach. Doing so can reduce your desire to eat the specific food you’re currently craving.

EFT tapping is a sort of acupressure technique wherein you tap specific pressure points on your body while viewing and smelling your most craved foods. Can find pressure points for this recommended technique between your wrist and pinky on your hand, top of your head, temples, above your top lip, and the middle chest. While these two methods’ scientific efficiency is far from determined, they can’t hurt to try.

So there you have it. Four easy ways you can fight back food cravings this year and avoid adding any extra pounds to your frame. 

As always, if you ever have any further questions about how we can help you lose weight with my Weight Loss Program or personal training, don’t delay contacting me today.

Food cravings

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