Get Bulky With The Extreme Mike Tyson Workout!

In life, we see several people that exceed their physical capabilities and become well known in the entire world. Mike Tyson’s name isn’t excluded from such legendary fighters, which is why the Mike Tyson workout regime is something you would seriously want to check out!

Most people think all his demonstrated strength might be due to “genetics” but in an interview with Mike Tyson, he revealed that he works out 8-10 hours a day and 6 days a week which lead to his success in life. 

True that being persistent and diligent in fitness will get you the right results. If you are someone who is up for this challenge, you should try the Mike Tyson workout and training routine!  

Diet Plan

For the Mike Tyson workout plan, you need a correct diet regimen to follow which will help you increase your muscle mass as well as prevent any muscle wasting.  Back in the day, it was rumoured that Mike Tyson used to take around 3000-4000 calories in a day to keep up with his hard routine. 

A big portion of those calories are made of carbohydrates and they are a good source of energy if you want to build muscles. Here is the meal to include in the Mike Tyson workout routine: 

  1. Breakfast

Mike Tyson wasn’t fearful of carbohydrates, and there’s nothing wrong with eating a couple in the morning. Since breakfast is an important part of your daily routine, consuming nutritional foods is very important for muscle building. 

  • Oatmeal – It is one of the healthiest foods you can incorporate into your diet as well as an excellent source of carbohydrates. 
  • Milk – A great source of Vitamin D and Calcium, in other words, nutritional benefits are great in number. 
  • Vitamin Supplements – Mike Tyson loved to add magnesium and fish oil to the diet. 
  1. Lunch
  • Chicken Breast– Protein-rich and low amount of fat make it a great muscle-building food.
  • Rice – Brown rice in particular is rich in minerals, vitamins, and good carbohydrates.
  • Orange juice – Orange juice is a great way to give your body an energy boost and is loaded with vitamin C and sugars.
  1. Dinner 
  • Steak – It is the staple food of the Mike Tyson workout routine and the main contributing factor for Tyson’s physique. 
  • Pasta – Easy calories and a good source of carbohydrates. 
  • Orange Juice 
  • Protein shake – Made by blending six bananas. It helps in muscle recovery, muscle growth, and is rich in potassium. 

Cheat meals

  • Ice cream 
  • Cereal 

Mike Tyson Workout plan

Mike Tyson’s workout routine is nothing short of a struggle, but embracing and overcoming challenges is what makes life more enjoyable.  Let’s have a peek at his training schedule.

1. Warm Up Routine

  • Early morning – 4 am 
    1. Running for 45 minutes 
    2. Squats – 2000 in number
    3. Triceps extensions – 500 in number
    4. Push-ups – 500 in number 
    5. Shrugs with more than 25 kilos – 500 in number
    6. Neck Crunches – 500 in number
  • Mid-afternoon 
    1. Boxing training 
    2. Boxing rounds in the ring – 10-20
    3. Jumping rope – 60 minutes 
    4. Aerobic exercises – 3 sets 
  • Early evening
    1. Aerobic exercises – 5 sets 
    2. Shadowboxing

 2. Cool down exercises

  • Late evening
    • Stationary bike – 1.5 hours 
    • Studying fighting films

On Sunday, he took the whole day as a resting day. 


The Mike Tyson workout challenge might seem like a huge deal and difficult to follow but who says you can’t accomplish things if you put your mind to it? If you follow a  proper routine while strategizing your day to get maximum output, you will accomplish your bodybuilding goals within no time. 

If you have any personal questions or want to inquire more about the topic, contact me without any hesitation!

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