Get Stunning Abs With Chloe Ting Ab Workout Challenge! 

Working out to achieve your dream body with amazing abs is never easy but if you’re planning to be persistent, you might want to check out the Chloe Ting ab workout plan!  Chloe Ting is an Australian Youtuber who makes free workout videos that include effective full-body exercises and workouts targeting the abs.

But why is the Chloe Ting ab workout so effective? Let’s find out in this article. 

The Chloe Ting ab workout has 6 exercises that go on for 30-40 seconds with 5 seconds rest between the exercises. 

Low Boat Work Out 

  • The first step would be to sit on your mat with your back straight, bend your knees and feet touching the mat.
  • While still with bent knees, lift your shin parallel to the floor. Your middle back will fall on the floor without any effort and keep the legs hovering in the air. 
  • Using your core muscles, lift your chest towards your knees and bring the legs in. 

Flutter Kicks 

  • Lay down straight on your back with bent knees on the mat. 
  • While keeping your shoulder straight and back still on the mat. This will prevent lower back pain. 
  • Lift one of your legs and while lowering it down, lift the other leg simultaneously. These are called flutter kicks. 
  • Keep repeating the flutter kicks until the 30 seconds interval is over. 

This exercise helps you to strengthen both your upper and lower abs. Remember to be persistent and continuous for the best results. 

Plank Knee Tuck Variation 

  • Form a plank pose by placing your hands and knees on the mat.
  • Raise your knee towards your chest while raising your lower back. Lower your leg and repeat the exercise after you’ve completed all the acts.
  • You can do 20 seconds variation for each leg with 5 seconds rest in between

This workout strengthens your core muscles as well as the quadriceps muscles in your front leg, bringing you closer to reaching the goal of your amazing abs. 

Plank Feet Tap

  • Get into a lower plank position with your elbows and toes on the mat. 
  • Lift your leg, tap it on the opposite side of your other leg and bring it back to its original position. Repeat it with your other leg too. 
  • Make sure not to lift your glutes too much and engage with your core muscles in exercise as much as possible.

Straight Leg Feet Tap 

Lay on your back straight and lift your legs as high as you can and do your best to touch your feet with the opposite hand.

If it’s your first time, your hamstring muscles might be taut and it will become difficult to succeed in the feat. As a suggestion by Chloe Ting herself, it would be easier to touch the knees as an alternative. 

Butterfly Crunch 

  • Lay flat on the mat with your back to the ground. 
  • Extend your arms and legs. The legs should be hovering all the time. 
  • Bring your arms closer to your legs while bending the knees at the same time. 
  • Repeat for 30 seconds with 5 seconds rest in between. 


If you plan to achieve a glamourous body with stunning abs, the Chloe Ting ab workout is made just for you. The award-winning instructor has numerous free programs that are easily accessible through YouTube and her website. With constant hard work and diligence, difficult exercises can become easier for you with time and the steps to attain your dream goals come right in your hands!

If you still want to know more or have your personal questions, please feel free to contact me any time!

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