Henry Cavill Superman Workout Routine Disclosed!

Most people are aware of who Superman is. He is unstoppable when it comes to lifting large items, possessing X-ray vision, and the ability to fly anywhere. And that’s why Henry Cavill was chosen for the iconic role due to his shredded and sturdy look.

You might not be able to achieve X-ray vision or flying powers, but you definitely can get the same build as Superman through the Henry Cavill Superman workout and diet plan.

Henry himself went through 6 months of grueling exercises to achieve the perfect look for the iconic role. Mark Twight, a world-class trainer, helped and pushed Henry to the extreme and brought the best out of him. The Henry Cavill Superman workout regime might be challenging to pull, but it’s certainly not impossible. If you can push yourself beyond measures, you will have the Superman build within no time. 

Henry Cavill Superman Workout Plan

Though the exact details of the workout were kept under wraps, some behind-the-scenes videos were released and interviews that helped people guess Henry’s secret training. Are you prepared for the training? To get Cavill’s body, you have to do 2.5 hours of training per day, at least four times a week. 

Mark Twight was after muscle building and increasing the muscle mass since Superman has bulky muscles. It was done through various strength training with Olympic weightlifting. Muscle building happens through the repeated process of breaking and repairing. 

That means Henry had to eat a lot with a considerable amount of proteins. Henry also revealed that out of all the exercises, he liked fast cardio the best. He further said that he used to do it in the morning on an empty stomach for 20 minutes. 

So, what type of training was he doing? It was a mix of resistance training, weightlifting, and cardio. 

The Henry Cavill Superman workout specifically included exercises such as different types of squats, deadlifting, pull-ups, and stretching exercises. These types of exercises focus on specific groups of muscles rather than the traditional upper body or lower body or core exercises. 

Cavill also revealed some specific training exercises. One involves using a rowing machine to row with a heavy resistance up to 250 meters. In another one, he held two heavy kettlebells in front squats or rack positions.  He repeated this three times in a 45 seconds interval between sets. The sets would reach 100 front squats, which was fairly a huge amount of kettlebell workout.

It might be impossible to get an exact Superman fitness schedule since it hasn’t been released yet. But we can certainly draw guesses based on reliable resources such as Healthline. Here are two main exercises you can do.

  1. CrossFitting 

Crossfitting exercises will combine strength training with functional movements. If you decide to join a gym, you can do CrossFit through kettlebells, free weight, pull-up bars, and racks for front squats. You can also do bench press and deadweight lifting. 

  1. Increasing Muscle bulk

To increase the muscle mass during the Henry Cavill Superman workout, you need the process of muscle break repair cycle going.  You can divide your days for different exercises you are going to perform for a specific muscle group.

Upper body exercises usually involve the use of dumbbells. Lower body exercises include squats and lunges. You can also opt for different types of stretch exercises for chest and back muscles. 


Following these tips and exercises, you can reshape your body according to your favorite superhero. Dedication and guidance can get you anywhere you want to!

However, before going for the Henry Cavill Superman workout, make sure you assess your fitness level. If you jump too quickly from light to strenuous exercises, you can get an injury. 

Initiating a heavy workout routine can be difficult for most people. Confusion is common too, which I will be more than happy to clear out. You can contact me any time and get your issues resolved!

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