how to build a real fitness booty

7 Tips on How to Build a Real Fitness Booty

Beautiful and plump buttocks are the dream of many women (and men!), especially summer approaches. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Year’s meals, parties of all kinds, and sitting at home for days do not help you get back in shape. However, I will give you seven tips on how to build a real fitness booty.

I always like my clients to know their bodies before following our programs and tips. To begin with, you have to understand what constitutes the buttocks. There are three muscles: the gluteus maximus at the top, the gluteus medius outward, and the gluteus minimus. The latter gives the much sought-after rounded appearance. The other two mainly tone the hips. Seven tips you need to follow to build a real fitness booty without further ado.

Treat It Right.

To have a beautiful fitness booty, you have to take care of it. In the shower, scrub with essential oils or your favorite product will help limit cellulite. Always massage the skin from bottom to top in circles. After rain, it is recommended to let cold water run all over the buttocks as it helps to make the tissues more firm. This is also true for the thighs and stomach.

Proteins, a Great Ally

Everything (or almost) goes through a good diet. To build your buttocks or any other part of the body, you need protein, and fish and white meats are excellent sources. You shouldn’t eat just that; fruits and vegetables are essential for a balanced diet. You also have to read the packaging carefully to avoid saturated fat. These fats are the leading cause of flabby buttocks because they promote the storage of fatty substances.

Walk. Walk. Walk!

Before you start my exercises, you should know that walking is an excellent way to build a real fitness booty. However, it must be done correctly. With each step, you have to push on your heels. The legs should also unfurl well for better efficiency. Besides, going up the stairs helps build muscle effort. Just by walking, the buttocks and the back of the thighs become more muscular.

Chair Exercise.

To advance quickly, you have to resolve to do targeted exercises. These do not require any particular tools. The chair exercise, for instance, is highly recommended. Alternatively, you can get you back to the wall and go down until you form a right angle between your thighs and back. This short 60-second exercise should be repeated daily at least three times a day.

Lunge and Squat!

If you have more time, other exercises can be done at home, and lunges and squats are good examples. You can do as many sets as you can, and make sure to give your muscles enough rest as well. In other words, do squats and lunges around 4 or 5 times a week. You can make each set around ten squats and ten lunges. You can repeat them four times with one-minute rest intervals between each group.

Get Equipped.

Having the right tools will undoubtedly speed up the process of getting a great booty. For instance, you can get squats rubber bands that can easily be found in nearby stores or online stores. You can also buy other products that will help you build a real fitness booty. You check our stores for the supplements that help burn fat and feed muscles enough proteins to make them strong.

Follow My Program

If you want to build a real fitness booty, you have to be aware that basic home workouts and diets alone are not enough. The fastest and most efficient way is to have a coach guide you through the process.

I offer great programs for individuals and groups. The programs contain full diet plans, workout plans and even nutrition guides. By following these programs, you will be able to see results very quickly. Check my services here or contact us if you have any further questions.

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