Online Personal Trainer Cost

Online Personal Trainer Cost: 4 Things You Need To Know

Are you trying to find a coach to help you become stronger and healthier? There are something you know before you hire someone and the online personal trainer cost is one of them.

Since you are here, we assume that you have already tried everything to lose weight, but without success, you may still have a solution: call on a fitness professional who will be able to support you. A private coach can help you and follow you in your development. These coaches have great knowledge when it comes to nutrition, science, psychology and so much more.

Having a successful coach can significantly speed up the process of losing fat and building muscles through healthy and scientifically approved methods. However, how much do the services of a coach of this type cost?

Gym VS. Online Personal Trainer Costs

The prices for a physical follow-up, especially in the practice of fitness, depend on several factors. First, the type of formula that you will select for your fitness. You can opt for group fitness lessons given by a coach in a gym or fitness sessions specially dedicated to you in a gym or for private lessons at home. However, with the current COVID pandemic, choosing an online personal trainer remains the best choice.

The price of an online coaching session costs much less than an on-site coaching session. Prices for indoor coaching can start at $40 (monthly gym membership price). Whereas the online personal trainer cost is estimated around $30.

Some gyms charge for private or group lessons in addition to the subscription price. For an online coach, the price for a one-hour session either for groups or for individuals is significantly lower but you need to plan several sessions in the month to benefit from the real effects of fitness. The ideal is to devote two online fitness sessions per week with your coach. 

Online Personal Trainer Cost

If you prefer to hire a professional who will provide you with online fitness sessions, chose one who offers packages, discounts or monthly plans, meaning, the more sessions you schedule, the more the prices will decrease. The monthly online personal trainer cost can range from 50$ to 500$. For example, if you schedule 5 sessions every month, the price can drop as low as 30$. Some professionals offer packages of 10, 30 or 50 sessions at advantageous prices.

An online fitness session can include the preparation of the session, an exercise plan and a review of the progress that have been done so far if you were working with the coach long enough. There is also the option of preparing a diet plan for the type of exercise you are doing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Coach

It is not easy to choose a professional who knows how to listen to you and devise plans to progress quickly and smoothly in your body transformation. Thus, before entrusting your health and your form to a certain fitness coach, make sure that the professional that you choose well experience and have great background in health and fitness.

Read about the coach and assess if whether or not he is knowledgeable about the subject. Check that the latter is accompanied by a code of ethics. By hiring an online sports coach, you can get rid of the additional fees you need to pay in a gym; therefore make sure that the coach can be paid with cash or bank transfers.

Why Hire An Online Personal Trainer?

After a dive to how much an online personal trainer costs, it is time to know what you will be buying with you precious money. Your maim goal is to get results in a healthy way, as for speed, it seldom helps you become fitter. Building a good body or transforming one takes time, motivation and dedication. Therefore, through hiring an online personal trainer will allow you to:

  • Stay motivated and never give up when you start feeling like you cant work out anymore.
  • Keep your progress tracked and help you celebrate each milestone.
  • Find exercise and movements you like doing and devise a workout plan using those particular movements.
  • Devise a meal or diet plan that corresponds perfectly with your body type and the calories you need to take on daily basis.
  • Have someone who is always available to answer all your questions through calls, emails or texts

Would you like to benefit from all what we have mentioned? Reach out to Malcolm Winters now! You will get effective workout plans, the proper diet plans and above all, keep your online personal trainer costs at the lowest rates possible.

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