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Why Hire An Online Personal Trainer?

Do you want to exercise at home and whenever you want, but you need someone to guide you through the process? Why not try hiring an online personal trainer? In just a few years, I have seen the emergence of online coaching through several website that offer this service. However, not many of these websites provide clients with satisfactory results. I have analysed the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an online personal trainer and detailed everything you need to know before you pay your money.

An Online Personal Trainer?

Rather than going to the gym or inviting a sports coach to your home, the online sports coaching solution offers a different approach to physical and mental exercise. Alone in front of your computer, you will be able to follow fitness sessions, thanks to the guidance offered by your online personal trainer through video and chat. You will only need a computer, an internet connection and the motivation, which in my case, is the first thing I I make sure to offer my clients.

Online Personal Trainer: What Are The Advantages?

The first advantage lies in the personalization of your sports and diet program. Usually, you will be asked fill a detailed questionnaire upon hiring an online personal trainer or the trainer will ask you questions online and you answers will determine the type of the program and diet you will follow.

Each coach will offer you activities and exercises adapted to your abilities, objectives and availability. As time goes by, the coach is supposed take look at your progress and make the exercises you do more advanced in order to achieve better results.

The second advantage of hiring an online personal trainer is that you can do your workouts whenever you want by setting up the date and time that you suits you and your coach. All you have to do is turn on your computer, and start working out.

Third advantage is of course, you can exercise at home or any other the place you want.

In addition, most online personal trainers offer monitoring in the form of graphs where you can assess your progress, whether in sport (improvement of physical capacities), or metabolic (weight loss and gain in muscle mass).

Finally, the price of online personal trainer remains very affordable. We have already discussed this in one our previous articles, click here to read more about the cost of an online coach or reach out to me with your questions.

The Disadvantages of An Online Personal Trainer.

Although these personalised training systems offer many advantages, their big weakness is the lack of human connection. Following a coach via the internet quickly becomes boring when you always find yourself alone in front of your computer. 

In addition, even if the explanations of the exercises to be performed are clear, the coach is not behind you to correct your movements and adjust the program if certain exercises do not suit you. 

Therefore, although online sports coaching offers many benefits at great prices, this training solution is far from being able to replace a real sports coach.

With this said, you must make sure to hire an online personal trainer who pays attention to your posture. I personally make sure my clients do not start their reps and set before they completely understand the movement and how their body should be adjusted prior to starting.

Find A Qualified Coach And Effective Sports Training

Hiring an online personal trainer should not be a difficult task. A successful sports coach does not necessarily hold a diploma or any type of certification. The level of experience and the results they have achieved with their clients they is all that matters. In general, choosing your coach relies a lot on the feeling at the first session. However, there are criteria that can help you select the personal trainer you need:

  • Documented coaching training and / or experience as well as the knowledge in the health and fitness industry.
  • His skills in nutrition advice because, in order to lose weight and to build muscles, diet plays a key role.
  • The pedagogical attitude, listening, and relational flexibility to make sports practice coincide with your personality and your goals.

These things are as important in a sports club as they are for home sports coaching. It dos not matter if you are beginners or a hardened athlete, an online personal trainer should inspire you with confidence, in addition to its innovative working method.

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