5 Inspiring Total Body Transformations You Need To Know

Many people out there dream of total body transformations and make turn their bodies into healthy organisms that looks and feels good. The before and after pics are something everyone who is willing to completely change their bodies to the better should take, but in order to do that, one needs to be determined and motivated to achieve great results

In this line of business, I have worked with hundreds of people who give fought to the very end to transform their bodies and I have also worked with people who gave up before we even started. Discipline is necessary, diet is mandatory and knowledge is a key element to total body Transformation. If you want to embark on this journey, I can help you out like I helped the people in this article.

Kevin Brett

For Kevin Brett, transforming his body in the span of 12 weeks did sound like an impossible task. He was filled with doubt about whether or not he will able to keep up with the exercise and diet plans I have made specifically for him.

It took Kevin 3 weeks to finally get on track and see results. During these 3 weeks, he tried so many times to quiet and each time I had to change his workout plan to make him feel little less stressed out. As you could probably tell from the picture, Kevin’s diet was heavily reliant on fast food, therefore, it was difficult for him to get rid of all the accumulated fat and star building muscles.

Luckily, his body type, metabolism and strict diet were all reasons as to why he managed to achieve these results and become a healthy human being.

Melina Mckee

Melina was one the most motivated people I have ever met. She knew exactly what she wanted and how much weight she wanted to lose. When she told me, I had to put all my knowledge in devising a good edit and exercise plans for her.

In the span of 8 weeks, which marked her wedding day, she managed to lose the weight she had in mind. Working with Melina was not hard because I didn’t have to spend days motivating her and giving her glimpses of hope. When it comes to total body transformations, determination accounts for more than 50% of the process. “If you want to, you can achieve it” she used to say when we had group sessions online.

Earl Cobb

For me as a personal trainer, Earl was a special case and perhaps one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He proved to me that age is just a number and if you want to be healthy, you have to start working and drop the thinking.

To be honest, Earl was a little persistent and always asking me to up the work out a bit. However, given his body type, we have decided to progress slow and steady until we get rid of the accumulated fat and improved cardio. After that, it was straight up heavy lifting and muscles building.

Ellice Cotton

Ellice’s problem was confidence. She had what it takes to transform her body but she was always hesitant and took a step back everything we increased the intensity of the workout. I soon figured out that she did not have an objective in mind and she just wanted to look fit.

I scheduled a call with and we talked about what results she wanted to achieve. That was the turning point for her. She completely changed her mentality and started the process of changing her body. The result in the after and before picture is around 8 weeks but after that period she still kept following the diet and exercises programs I have provided her with. We schedule online coaching session on weekly basis and every week I could see new results but the same the determination.

Luis Wilder

I’m not going to lie, working with ectomorph body types requires a very special program and dedication. Although Luis was a regular visitor in the gym, he never managed to build up the amount of muscle he wanted.

It was very hard for him to noticed progress in the first two months. When Luis contacted me, I determined that the type of exercise he followed was not intended for ectomorph. I have also drawn up a diet plan rich of carbs at first then started lowering the intake when we noticed progress.

It took us around 10 weeks to gain momentum and since then we never stopped. The result you see in the picture above is the outcome of months of working out, meal planning and above all, reading about the science of human body and use the obtain information in our training.

Would like to have a Total Body Transformation? Reach out to me now and we will talk about it in further details.

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